Welcome to the Friends of Willow Springs Open Space

Join us to learn how hard work and good planning can make a long term sustainable trail system in the Open Space!

We are a 501(c)(3) organization setup to support education in the Willow Springs Open Space.   Your contributions will both support a great cause and be tax deductible!

More Details…

We are collecting donations to support both education and maintenance in the open space.  We feel the best method to learn is for all of us to work along side professionals, learning the proper way to maintain the Open Space for perpetuity.

Your donations will go to hiring trail professionals, tools, and community building events.

We are all Friends!

The Friends of the Willow Springs Open Space was established to provide resources to support education in sustainable resource management.  We, the founders, strongly believe in supporting the Open Space and feel the best way is to educate the local user base in how to maintain it in a long term sustainable manner.  Give a man a fish….


Jersey’s are in!

Remember – you can get yours TODAY! If you have any questions, contact Richard Markley at rambohambone (at) aol.com


The best way to reach the Friends is through your neighborhood Open Space contact.  Visit www.wsosoa.org for more info.